Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Embossed Bottlecap Tutorial

Hiya All

Here is a tutorial I did for D-Lish Scraps last year, realised I never shared it on my Blog so thought would copy it across, hope this inspires you to get creative today :D

Embossed Bottlecaps

I wanted to show you all something that you can do with your DIY Bottle Caps from D-Lish Scraps, here I have coloured the Bottle Cap with embossing powder, so it blended with the tone of the card.
First step in this process is to gather your materials, you will need a heat gun, embossing powder, Bottle Caps, Versamark or similar clear ink, tweezers, 1 inch hold punch, paper and glue.
Take your Bottle Cap and Versamark Ink, cover the entire surface of the Bottle Cap, concentrating on the edges (this is what you will see)
Now either use an embossing tray or a scrap piece of paper, cover the inked Bottle Cap with the embossing powder.
Now you need to heat set the embossing powder, you need to be careful here, metal gets VERY HOT. I tap off the excess powder and then use my heat gun to set the powder, use tweezers to handle the Bottle Cap or you will burn yourself.
Let the Bottle Cap, cool completely before you start the next step, you will need to either punch a 1 inch circle or cut out from your choosen image.
Glue this to the centre of the Bottle Cap with a strong quick drying glue to ensure your paper does not curl, you could also use JAC paper or similar
Wait for the glue to dry and then cover your centre with the supplied Epoxy Resin cover
Now you have your own unique embellishment, to perfectly match whatever you are currently creating.

Thanks for looking today and I love feedback

xx Lou

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